Guide to Choose Wedding Band in Singapore‏

The wedding day is a very joyous occasion, in Singapore and everywhere else in the world. Couples getting married will need to choose a wedding band and it represents unity in their love and wedding in one.  The wedding band signifies their uniqueness and bond to each other, as well as being a sign of unity and being binded together in love. Wedding rings come in different shapes, sizes, designs, styles, colours, different stones, different amount of gold, silver, and many different metals.

To be chosen by the bride and the groom, it has now become a fashion icon and couples now tend to go for wedding rings that look nice, beautiful and gorgeous to go with their character and unique personalities. Designs therefore, play a very important role for the couples.

The stature and power of the wearer is also reflected by the uniqueness of these wedding bands. Carbon fiber, Celtic, stainless steel and two tone wedding bands are some of the other options that are available specifically for the grooms to choose from. This way, a unique and glamorous look is lent to the wedding band. Having their zodiac signs on their wedding bands is also preferred by some grooms.

wedding ring

wedding ring

Specially Made Wedding Bands

Many times, couples like to make it unique and special by having each other’s names on their rings. This will bring a special sense of closeness to themselves and have a special tinge of touch of personalization. Many wedding band shops also have special custom designs for couples that are able to afford it. They offer many different ways of inputting each other into the rings.

Some have DNA, Bible verses, each other’s names, wedding dates, wedding anniversary, the date they got together, the date they married each other, the date they proposed.. and many many more.

Vintage Wedding Bands
Many jewelers also sell vintage wedding bands. Some designers design their own vintage wedding bands, while others get them shipped from other countries and these bands are often highly priced. Getting wedding bands designed from designers and jewelers is also possible. A huge selection of antique wedding rings can be found online as well.

Special custom wedding rings that speaks of utmost uniqueness are mostly very pricey. However couples tend to really spend on it since it is a very special wedding day that happens only once in their lifetime.

So do not think too much and just get the wedding ring that really catches your eye and you really like it. After all you only spend this kind of money on wedding bands once in your life time.


Things You Must Look Out For When Hiring a Wedding Videographer‏ You Desire

Traditionally we see couples hiring wedding packags of wedding photographers rather than videographer. It is however an upcoming trend to hire videographers to film your big day. Because the reason is clear that videos are indeed much livelier than photos.

Everywhere is increasing in price and wedding videography is quickly becoming a norm in many parts of the west, as well as Asia. A good example is that, if you are thinking of having your wedding videography done in Singapore, for example, many couples often dont think that videography is a must and will not really consider them on their big day. However a lot of couples also think having wedding videography is one of the best choices they made for their big day. It is a very important way of capturing the precious moments on the special day because not only will your wedding film bring you tears, joy and laughter years after your wedding, it is something worth sharing to your kids and future generations.

There are many factors to consider when looking for a wedding videographer to document your wedding. After researching and found your favourite videographers with portfolios that you like, be sure to communicate well with them. You need to be sure they can produce good work and are reliable. Check out suggestions from mentors, friends, family members but make sure they have engaged a wedding videographer before. They are usually the people that will better advice you on which are the ones to go for and what to look out for.

Go online and search reviews for the videographers that you have shortlisted. It is best to have a few options in mind before jumping into just any videographers. That way, read reviews and do your research well. You can find a lot of recommendations and frank reviews on different videographers online. Also, it is very possible that you can find good deals and referrals online too. When people have gone through the weddings, they will either recommend or flame the videographers that they went through and these are usually very good indicators of whether your potential videographer is a good choice or not. For example, if you are searching for the best wedding videography in Singapore, it is going to be a very expensive thing you can have for your wedding. So you really need to get your research right.

Before you confirm them as your videographer, be sure to see their previous works. Get them to show you samples of previous weddings that they have done. Usually, these companies wiuld have saved the best works and have them ready to pitch to you already. But do a search online and see if you can find other works under their belt and see if the style is what you are looking for. Review sites will offer testimonies and users comments. These are something you should look out for when getting a professional videographer.

Next up, consider your budget when deciding for a package. A general rule of thumb is to get something you like and within your budget. That sounds easy but it is definitely not. Because usually what you like will be over your budget. So, the next best thing to do is to consider what you really need and want. A simple test is: will you regret it ten or twenty years down the road, if you never have it.

Generally most wedding videographers are expensive to hire. But there are also many different types of videographers that have emerged to serve the different categories of customers around. A good package will be around $3000 range. There are of course lower costs packages around provided by the same videographer, or other videographers. Packages come in basic to advance level of what the videographer is providing.

If you are just looking for a basic capture, something simple and not fanciful with movie dramatic effects, then something around the range of $900 to $1200 will be enough. This will usually be of one location with simple shots and not much editing. Simple shooting and footage is what speaks best for these types of packages.

The more expensive packages will give you more bells and whistles, more features and better film effects. Locations can be of more choices, more cameras and better story telling for your wedding video at the end of the day.

For most videographers, there will usually be the most expensive plans where you get the edits, all the stills, all the shoots from everything they have of the day. With all the features and edits and special effects, the edited and unedited footage and all the NG scenes to extra copies of the videos will be given to you.

If you have the budget for this, do go for it. If not, it doesnt really matter not having them.

At the end of the day, before you sign that package with the wedding videographer, make sure to see are there any hidden costs, extra charges for doing anything, the timing allocated and how you want your video to look like. Discussion and communication is very important here as well. After you have chosen your videographer, trust and leave it to them that their professionalism will deliver you an awesome wedding video.